Food Service - Manufacturing

Precision, finesse and balance extend to quality meals as well!


Precision is the lifeline of any manufacturing setup. From timing to measure, everything works clockwork to ensure the highest value. Human capital and raw talent go a long way to designing and running an optimum system and at the very base of the human-need pyramid is food.

Proodle brings rich expertise and deep understanding to this niche and we bring flawless execution capabilities even in round-the- clock scenarios. Our commitment to culinary innovation, ability to offer flexible dining solutions, healthy and well researched menu options bring fresh perspectives and tasty ideas to your workplace and improve employee productivity.

Our capabilities include large scale industrial catering, custom restaurants and cafes, coffee baristas, executive dining, event catering. Further, our partnerships with leading brands, as well as our specialized in-house brands cater to any specific end-to- end requirements and special needs as well.

Key Proodle differentiators

Freshly prepared, tasty and diversified meals round the clock.

Comprehensive catering solutions and broad menu choices.

World class menu engineering with a healthy and holistic approach

Seasonal food festivals and information-based approach to diets and food choices.

Flexible product and service offerings to suit your exact needs

We work in tandem with you to create an energized workplace and achieve high levels of employee well-being and productivity.

Operational excellence, open feedback loops and absolute transparency at every touchpoint.

Promotion of a balanced diet, adequate nutrition and healthy lifestyle.